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By Marta Harnecker

Softcover, 254 pages, in English.

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During the military dictatorship, the Banco do Brasil, a public bank, gave about 18 billion dollars a year for agriculture, while in the year 2000 only 3 billion dollars were assigned. ” (110) 4) AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGICAL PATTERN 170. “The fourth characteristic of this model is that now we are going into a new revolution – that of biotechnology. But this revolution has fallen under the monopoly of the large transnational corporations. They guide and monopolize seed control, thus being able to impose on the farmers a new technological pattern.

114. As we have already explained, the MST had won a credit in 1986, in the middle of the democratizing process of the country; it favored those who worked in a cooperated way: the families that were members of a cooperative received double the amount than a small independent farmer, and sometimes those credits had a 50 % discount. 115. In Brazilian, a dam is called a barragem. 116. DOC 35 117. Marcelo Enrique Batista, Interview by Natalia Alvarez, Havana, February 7, 2001. 118. l 205, November 2000, p.

Some cadre from the MST gives a report on how negotiations with the state and central governments are going. This helps the campers start relating to the specific struggles within the global situation of the country. 4) SYSTEM FOR GENERAL COORDINATION 286. There is also a system for general coordination within the camp, whose mission is to unify work in all sectors, as well as guide the processes of negotiation and relationships with society as a whole. This coordination is made up of the leaders of the groups of families (in general, a woman and a man from each group).

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