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This ebook is likely to be the main attractive to be had demonstration of the explanatory strength of the parametric method of linguistic conception. it really is akin, to not a deductive evidence, yet to the invention of a footprint in a distant position which leaves an archeologist elated. The e-book is filled with difficult reasoning, however the lovely point is that the reasoning strikes among not just advanced syntax and various languages, however it makes predictions approximately what two-year-old childrens will think concerning the jumble of linguistic enter that confronts them. these predictions, Hyams indicates, are supported via a discriminating research of acquisition facts in English and Italian. allow us to learn the linguistic context for a second earlier than we talk about her idea. the last word factor in linguistic idea is the reason of the way a toddler can gather any human language. To seize this truth we needs to posit an innate mechanism which meets contrary constraints: it needs to be huge adequate to account for the variety of human language, and slender sufficient in order that the kid doesn't make inappropriate hypotheses approximately his personal language, rather ones from which there's no restoration. that's, a toddler must never posit a grammar which allows all the sentences of a language in addition to different sentences which aren't within the language. In a observe, the kid must never create a language within which one can't make grownup discriminations among grammatical and ungrammatical.

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The men i seem [[e;] to be linguists] (d. *The men seem to be a linguist) b. The men i want [PRO to be linguists] (d. *The men want to be a linguist) c. pro sono felici [+ mas. ] '(they) are happy' Note that in terms of intrinsic features, the empty categories are identical to AG, which, as we noted earlier, is the collection of ~ features contained in INFL. We discuss this further in the next chapter. , unlearned). It is not at all clear how the child could "learn" the properties associated with these phonologically null elements insofar as they have no overt manifestation in the input data.

1) Play it Eating cereal Shake hands See window Want more apple No go in We will argue that the above sentences, though ungrammatical in adult English, are the well-formed output of an early grammar, which we refer to as G 1• We will further argue that G 1 is a "possible" grammar. though it differs from the adult grammar of English. In particular, it differs with respect to the value specified along a specific parameter of UG, the AG/PRO parameter. The AG/PRO parameter, otherwise referred to as the 'Pro-drop Parameter' (Chomsky, 1981), or the 'Null Subject Parameter' (Rizzi, 1982) accounts for the possibility of phonologically null subjects in languages like Italian and Spanish, a phenomenon which was discussed briefly in the previous chapter.

II Stowell (1981) proposes a theory of phrase structure in which the rules of the categorial component are entirely eliminated. Phrase structure representations are derived from the interaction of several principles of grammar, among which the Projection Principle figures prominently. 12 For discussion of the properties of particular lI-roles, see Jackendoff (1972). 13 See Chomsky (1965) for detailed discussion of subcategorization. 14 The empty category [e) in [NP, S) position is required by the Extended Projection Principle, as is the case in the example in (20) in the text.

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