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By Christopher Isherwood

Within the ultimate quantity of his diaries, the novelist, whose collaborations together with his long term spouse Don Bachardy prolonged ties in Hollywood and the theater international, greets advancing age with humor and an urge for food for the new.

summary: within the ultimate quantity of his diaries, the novelist, whose collaborations along with his long term better half Don Bachardy prolonged ties in Hollywood and the theater global, greets advancing age with humor and an urge for food for the recent

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Just as he’d thought up the title A Single Man in the sixties, now My Guru and His Disciple and Christopher and His Kind were among the titles he suggested to Isherwood. Constantly Isherwood, like any writer, is lamenting his laziness and lack of progress, but somehow or other the old nag or “Dobbin” as he calls himself plods on toward the finish line. He is also hard at work on film scripts and theatrical adaptations of his various “properties,” though he had nothing to do with Cabaret, the musical and movie that made him the most money and earned him the widest fame (nor did he much like Cabaret, though he was attracted to Michael York).

The creative process is reversed through a scientific error, and he begins to show on his face and body the moral decay of Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Henry Clerval—as if he were the portrait and they the living originals in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. Plenty have looked upon Bachardy as Isherwood’s creature. Certainly he was a great beauty when Isherwood met him on the beach in Santa Monica in the early 1950s; he was preternaturally intelligent, strangely innocent for all his apparent sexual precocity, and still genuinely unformed.

51 To Swami, all sex was a worldly appetite which spiritual aspirants should try to overcome on the path to liberation, but it made no difference whether the sexual object was the same or the opposite sex. Moreover, as Isherwood realized when he was writing My Guru and His Disciple: . . this book differs in kind from books on other subjects because there is no failure in the spiritual life. . 52 As these diaries affirm, Isherwood’s vision is essentially a comic one, and it is based on love. His English friends were cynical about love.

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