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By James R. Heitz, Kelsey R. Downum

content material: improvement of photoactivated compounds as insecticides / James R. Heitz --
variety I and sort II mechanisms of photodynamic motion / Christopher S. Foote --
Photomodification and singlet oxygen iteration in membranes / Dennis Paul Valenzeno --
picking out singlet oxygen in chemical, photochemical, and enzymic reactions / Ahsan U. Khan --
Singlet oxygen quantum yields / Michael A.J. Rodgers --
Biochemistry of photodynamic motion / John D. Spikes and Richard C. directly --
Photodynamic amendment of excitable telephone functionality / John P. Pooler --
Physiological results of photodynamic motion : detailed connection with bugs / Joseph E. Weaver --
a number of mechanisms of dye-induced toxicity in bugs / G.D. Pimprikar and Mary Jane Coign --
box improvement of photooxidative dyes as pesticides / Lisa A. Lemke, P.G. Koehler, R.S. Patterson, Mary B. Feger, and Thomas Eickhoff --
Photodecomposition of obviously happening biocides / Y. Yoke Marchant --
[Alpha]-terthienyl as a photoactive insecticide : poisonous results on nontarget organisms / Jacques Kagan, William J. Bennett, Edgard D. Kagan, Jacqueline L. Maas, Susan A. Sweeney, Isabelle A. Kagan, Emmanuelle Seigneurie, and Vitautas Bindokas --
utilizing bacterial mutants and remodeling DNA to outline phototoxic mechanisms / R.W. Tuveson --
cost of the sunshine brigade : phototoxicity as a security opposed to bugs / M.R. Berenbaum --
organic activities and metabolic variations of furanocoumarins / G. Wayne Ivie --
Fungicidal job of obviously happening photosensitizers / G.H. Neil Towers and Donald E. Champagne --
constitution and serve as relationships in polyacetylene photoactivity / Y. Yoke Marchant and Geoffrey okay. Cooper --
Thiophenes and acetylenes: phototoxic brokers to herbivorous and blood-feeding bugs / J.T. Arnason, B.J.R. Philogène, P. Morand, J.C. Scaiano, N. Werstiuk, and J. Lam --
Photodynamic motion of hypericin / J. Paul Knox, Richard I. Samuels, and Alan D. ward off --
The fungal photosensitizer cercosporin and its position in plant disorder / Margaret E. Daub --
Light-activated antimicrobial chemical substances from vegetation : their strength position in resistance to disease-causing organisms / Kelsey R. Downum and Stan Nemec --
Photodynamic herbicides and chlorophyll biosynthesis modulators / C.A. Rebeiz, A. Montazer-Zouhoor, J.M. Mayasich, B.C. Tripathy, S.M. Wu, and C.C. Rebeiz.

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T h i s follows from the fact that a n e l e c t r o n is p r o m o t e d from a strongly b i n d i n g orbital to o n e that is l e s s strongly binding o n g o i n g from the g r o u n d state to the e x c i t e d state. T h i s p r o c e s s results in the production of a r e d u c i n g e l e c t r o n a n d a n o x i d i z i n g hole in the excited state, a s s h o w n in F i g . 2. A w e l l - s t u d i e d e x a m p l e of the e l e c t r o n - t r a n s f e r T y p e I p r o c e s s is the oxidation of a r o m a t i c olefins (Donor), by e l e c t r o n - p o o r a r o m a t i c s s u c h a s d i c y a n o a n t h r a c e n e ( D C A ) , w h i c h results in transfer of a n e l e c t r o n to the singlet excited state of the a r o m a t i c from the olefin (7).

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