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By Nicholas Boughen

This booklet is focused in any respect degrees of animators and visible results artists who desire to show international type caliber of their computing device generated (CG) lights environments.

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LightWave 3D 7.5 Lighting

This booklet is focused in any respect degrees of animators and visible results artists who desire to exhibit global category caliber of their computing device generated (CG) lighting fixtures environments.

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It is part shadow because while some sunlight is blocked out, the sun is so large that some of the light still reaches that area behind the object. The umbra is the area behind the earth, or building or chair, where there is no sunlight at all — the shadow is complete. This is why you can look at a chair leg with sunlight shining on it and see near the leg that the shadows are dark and hard-edged. But the farther away you move from the leg, the shadows become softer and lighter. It is because the sun is so much larger than the chair leg that some of the light manages to reach those areas behind the leg.

If the final render is no different whether you use a distant light or an area light, then there is no point using the area light. Do the quick renders. Make the boss smile. 29 Chapter 3 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Skylight Intensity Color Direction Diffuseness Shadow Shape Contrast Movement Size Medium to low Cool spectrum Omni High Soft Usually none Low Usually none Very large Skylight is the ultimate filler when it comes to lighting. ” This is because skylight is global. It is a big ball around the earth that emits light omnidirectionally during the day.

The sun is a light source. So are a fluorescent tube, a lightbulb, a candle, and a tiki lamp. Described another way, physicists consider light sources to be events in which energy is spent, resulting in the emission of photons. Since this is not a physics manual, we will ignore that particular law. Apologies to physicists everywhere. For the purposes of this book and CG lighting in general, a light source is also defined as indirect sources of illumination such as diffuse or reflected light. The sky, for example, is considered a diffuse light source, although all of its light comes indirectly from the sun.

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