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By Wes Beckwith, Steve Warner, Robin Wood

Better half CD integrated with illustrations demonstrating using LightWave in function motion pictures! LightWave 3D [8]: 1001 counsel & methods brings jointly thirty-one masters within the fields of personality modeling, animation, texturing, lights, electronic cinematography, lighting tricks, and programming to supply a myriad of priceless counsel for all degrees of LightWave clients. even if you ve simply begun utilizing LightWave otherwise you ve been utilizing it for years, this publication of collective knowledge will make it easier to in attaining higher leads to much less time via a mixture of hidden software program positive aspects, time-saving tips, ideas. The 1,354 tips disguise each point of LightWave, together with configuration, modeling, texturing, staging, lighting fixtures, animating, lighting tricks, rendering, compositing, scripting, and troubleshooting.

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If you learn to use them, to have your viewers feel what you want them to feel, then your pictures will touch them. They may love them, or they may hate them, but they will remember them. Versions: All 102 Todd Grimes | Design | All Levels Keep It Simple and Sweet When designing characters and environments, don’t make the mistake of equating level of detail with good design quality. This is not to say to “dumb down” the designs but rather to keep all of the detail elements a functional part of the design and remove any elements that are gratuitous.

If you can’t use subdivision surfaces, you can plan to use a simplified mesh for your animations. n Keep your mesh clean. Avoid keeping one-point and two-point polygons on your mesh if you don’t need them. Even though you may not notice them, they’re processed everywhere from animation to rendering. Try not to intersect too many polygons inside others when joining pieces in your mesh. If you don’t want to use Booleans to attach pieces together but just want to put a piece slightly inside another piece to make it look attached, be careful not to exaggerate this by putting hundreds of polygons inside another piece, as they’re rendered anyway and then covered by what’s on top.

If the subject is small and portable, placing it on a flat surface and in front of a solid color backdrop will help save time when tracing profiles in Modeler. When setting up templates, make sure the size and shape are consistent in all views. Using guides in a paint package such as Adobe Photoshop can help. Versions: All 68 Gerald Abraham | Reference Material | Beginner Photo-Real Textures When taking photos to create seamless, photo-real textures from, verify that surfaces are evenly lit. When shooting outdoors, it may be a good idea to Design, Pre-visualization, and Prep | 19 Reference Material photograph a surface when it’s not lit by direct sunlight.

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