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By Timothy Albee

Updating what has been referred to as the best books onanimation via most sensible Disney animators, this new ebook contains much more pre-rigged types, dialogue of the recent animation instruments present in LightWave 3D eight, and the quickest strategy to do discussion and facial functionality.

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This is very handy when you want to quickly compare two motions without having to bother with going through the extra steps of saving and loading the different motions. 40 35 Chapter 2: Inverse Kinematics, Forward Kinematics, and IK Booster Right-clicking on the control for an item in an IKB chain also brings up a menu that you can use to save and load motions and/or poses for that item and its children in the chain. (Be sure to rightclick on the control, not the numbers. ). Being able to load complex poses onto parts of your characters means you can really take your time to get those complex poses perfect, knowing that you’ll only have to create those poses once!

This can cause problems in places like elbows and knees, and especially shoulders and under the arms. Things can pinch, bunch, and generally look wrong because it is so hard to get the points that control the model’s skin to move like our skin does. A common but cumbersome solution is to build morph targets that are controlled either manually or by expressions driven by the rotation of the offending bones. I prefer a much simpler strategy: Figure the range of normal movement for that part or set of parts, and have your base pose somewhere in the middle of that range.

Load the character you pre-bent for IK in the last chapter into Modeler. ) 2. Maximize the Right viewport and press a to Fit All. 3. Set your Foreground (Active) Layer to Layer 2 and your Background Layer to Layer 1. LightWave Modeler Layers Clicking in the upper triangle makes that layer the foreground layer. You can view and modify items in this layer. Clicking in the lower triangle makes that layer the background layer. Items in this layer can be seen but not modified.

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