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By Kelly L. Murdock

If you want a superb instructional on Lightwave eight, it is a solid starter e-book. compatible for introductory details at the services of LW8.

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Select the Edit, Edit Menu Layout menu command. The Configure Menus dialog box opens. All commands are listed on the left, and all menus are listed on the right. 2. Click the arrow to the left of Create to expand the list of Create commands. In the Command list, all commands that are already part of a menu are dimmed. 3. Under the File command in the Command list, click Switch to Layout. 11 Menus can be altered 4. In the Menus list, click Top Menu Group, click File, click Quit, and then click Add.

Other common interface elements are the object position and grid value fields located in the lower-left corner. Using the LightWave Hub The LightWave Hub is a background program that automatically runs when either LightWave interface is open. It keeps track of the different processes and the amount of memory in use. The Hub icon appears in the system tray in Windows, or as a separate running program icon on Macintosh computers. 3, to configure LightWave to automatically save a file after a given amount of time.

Click the Make button (or press Enter) to make the object permanent. 6. Repeat steps 2–5 for each shape type. 6. 7. lwo. 42 LIGHTWAVE 3D 8 REVEALED Creating and Selecting Objects Chapter 2 TEAM LinG Create gears 1. Click the Create menu tab. 2. Select the More, Gears menu command from the Primitives section of the Create menu tab. The Gear dialog box opens. 7 Gear objects 3. In the Gear dialog box, set the Number of Teeth to 12, and then click the OK button. A gear is created and displayed in the viewports.

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