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Spouse CD integrated with workouts and perform scenes! LightWave 3D is without doubt one of the preferred 3D programs out there this day, delivering the main entire set of instruments, the best-looking and quickest out-of-the-box renderer, and some of the most strong IK engines to be had. expert director and animator Timothy Albee updates the best-selling LightWave 3D 7 personality Animation with discussions of complicated animation instruments, facial animation, and IK Booster. additionally, he information how you can use LightWave to construct robust, in charge personality setups; presents confirmed, hands-on instruments for studying the complicated mechanics of animation; and covers the significance of storytelling and appearing via animation. discover the entire crafting of robust and trustworthy personality setups; grasp sophisticated appearing innovations that imbue scenes with lifestyles, drama, and tool, similar to anticipation, gesture, overlapping motion, and silhouette; observe how IK Booster provides extra strength, ease, and performance to LightWave’s current Inverse Kinematics approach; use LightWave’s Dope Sheet, Dope tune, and movement Mixer instruments to enhance your output in growing animation; how to use morph pursuits to sculpt your characters’ facial performances.

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NEWBIE NOTE: LightWave Modeler has two separate Options panels. One is for display options (discussed later) and the other is for general options and can be found here: Modeler|Options |General Options (or by pressing o). General Options has important things like the Content Directory (where LightWave looks for images, objects, scenes, and the like), how many levels of Undo you have, whether polygons will default to quadrangles (for NURBial patches) or triangles, and how smooth your NURBed models will look as you’re working on them.

3). If you rotate your point selection from these joints, you’ll have a much quicker time of point pulling to make your model look correct. 28 Chapter 3: Prepping Your Character for Setup NEWBIE NOTE: Creating point selection sets (Display|Grouping|Point Selection Sets…) not only helps you know what points are what when you’re pre-bending your model, it also makes things much easier when you’re point weighting as well. (You add points to your selection from a selection set you’ve created by bringing up the Point Statistics window by pressing w with Points ^G active.

22 Chapter 3 Prepping Your Character for Setup You’ve got your character all ready to go, and you want to get started right away in making him (or her) move, act, emote; in general, you want to get him into that performance you’ve always known he (or she) could do. Before you can animate him, you’ve got to set him up. And before you can set him up, you’ve got to prep him for setup, and that means planning. Planning your setup is probably the most crucial phase of CG animation (no, really). The setup you’re going to create will dictate how easy it is to move your character into and out of poses.

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