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He dropped down to squat before her once more. Victoria tried to imagine him sitting in an armchair in a drawing room. A picture of this rough-looking man in a house like hers wouldn't come into focus. Yet, despite his Cockney accent, he spoke as if he'd read a library ful of political treatises. He'd clearly been educated somehow. Her curiosity was piqued but so was her outrage. "Yes, I did consider it and stil do. I realize that laborers have suffered a loss of employment. " Her temper rose as she remembered her mission today and realized he'd effectively ruined any chance she had of being heard by the Commission.

Perrier would always have more to say. The newest addition to the committee of the Brotherhood was a wel -groomed and soft-spoken man who cal ed himself Jones and didn't offer a first name. He'd attended one of their public meetings and stayed afterward to ask questions. He offered little history except to say he'd been a butler for a particular family like his father and grandfather before him--until an automaton replaced his position. Dash liked the man's intel igence and calm demeanor. In some ways Jones reminded him of his mentor, Mr.

When she was able to curb her tongue, she could be quite a diplomat herself. The first rule in negotiation was to let the other person know he had been heard. "I understand you want to help people. Your goal is admirable, but I'm not certain you're going about it in an appropriate manner. " He stalked toward her and she took an involuntary step back as he stopped right in front of her. "Do not patronize me, Miss Waters. I've thought about this plan for some time. I know the risk to myself and the Brotherhood.

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