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By N. Gregory Mankiw

Mankiw's masterful textual content covers the sector as accessibly and concisely as attainable, in a manner that emphasizes the relevance of macroeconomics's classical roots and its present perform. that includes the newest information, new case reviews taken with contemporary occasions, and a couple of major content material updates, the 7th version takes the Mankiw legacy even further. It offers the clearest, most modern, such a lot available direction in macroeconomics within the such a lot concise presentation attainable.

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Students see the customized version, with selected chapters only. ➤ Annotate any page of the text. Instructors’ notes can include text, Web links, and even photos and images from the book’s media or other sources. Students can get an eBook annotated just for them, customized for the course. WebCT The Mankiw WebCT e-pack enables instructors to create a thorough online course or a course Web site. The e-pack contains online materials that facilitate critical thinking and learning, including preprogrammed quizzes and tests that are fully functional in the WebCT environment.

These resources include the Student PowerPoint Tutorials developed by Mannig Simidian, which provide an animated set of tutorials for each chapter. ➤ A Fully Integrated Learning Management System. The EconPortal is meant to be a one-stop shop for all the resources tied to the book. The system carefully integrates the teaching and learning resources for the book into an easy-to-use system. Instructors can assign and track any aspect of their students’ work. com/mankiw) The companion site is a virtual study guide for students and an excellent resource for instructors.

Franco Modigliani (Nobel 1985): “For awhile it was thought that I should study medicine because my father was a physician. . I went to the registration window to sign up for medicine, but then I closed my eyes and thought of blood! I got pale just thinking about blood and decided under those conditions I had better keep away from medicine. . Casting about for something to do, I happened to get into some economics activities. I knew some German and was asked to translate from German into Italian some articles for one of the trade associations.

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