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Secondly, doing this ignores the fact that having a better exchange rate actually makes us wealthier, as is evidenced by the improved holidays we can buy abroad. This second point highlights another problem with currency exchange rates, and that is how they were actually determined in the first place. The exchange rate results from the supply and demand for a currency in the foreign exchange markets, and those pressures come primarily from the country's level of imports and exports. To buy exports, foreigners will demand 1 'The European Community Budget: Net Contributions and Receipts', Economic Progress Report Supplement, October 1982 (HM Treasury).

Distribution of income This problem requires further mention here because of the extremes of maldistribution that occur in some countries. The 1980 World Development Report (The World Bank- World Development Report, 1980 (OUP)) found 'that because of differences in income distribution, the population below the poverty line in 1975 was more than twice as high in Colombia as in South Korea, even though the average incomes of the two countries were close'. 11 shows the extent to which the distribution differs in selected countries.

These surpluses may arise in nationalised industries (such as British Rail and British Gas), in other public corporations (such as the BBC) or in public enterprises (such as the Post Office Savings Bank or the National Film Finance Corporation). Imputed rent For the national income statistics the term rent is not used in the highly specific sense of economic theory to mean a payment for the use of the factor of production land. Instead it is used in its more colloquial sense, and that used by the Inland Revenue, to mean a payment for the use ofland and/or property (such as a house, room or factory).

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