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Afterwards, to close the loop, the two-position valve is set to “inject” status (dashed line). 5) The vessel is evacuated with the molecular pump by opening SV1 and SV2 until a residual pressure of less then 5 × 102 Pa is maintained for at least 5 min. 6) The vessel is filled with complementary gas in order to clean it by opening SV3/SV4, SV9, and SV7 until a Springer 32 Accred Qual Assur (2007) 12:30–38 7) 8) 9) 10) pressure of 3 × 104 Pa is reached and evacuated again after 5 min. The vessel is then filled with complementary gas as described in step 6 until a pressure of 3 × 105 Pa.

5 7 Fig. 1 Gas-flow scheme. Legend: 1 – Trivac pump type D2A made by Leybold-Heraeus. 2 – Pressure gauge type DVR 2 made by Vaccubrand. 3 – Stainless-steel vessel. 4 – Molecular pump type Drytel 31 made by Alcatel. 5 – Vessel pressure gauge type PTX 610 made by Druck. 6 – Vessel temperature sensor type Pt100. 7 – Valco 2 position electric actuator valve, model E60, with interchangeable loop. 8 – Valco 6 position electric actuator valve, model E6. 9 – Mass flow controller type FC-2900 made by Tylan.

The learning of computing techniques must play (and indeed plays) an important role. It takes place by steps, incrementing complexity, but maintaining the necessary relationships between steps. Emphasis on analytical and metrological interpretation of results is done during the teaching process (Fig. 2). ). Afterwards, the students combine graphical and numerical techniques for the analysis of real data with more complex examples. ). In general, the exercises are real examples taken from written standards, scientific articles, monographs and from our laboratory (including data from routine tasks).

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