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By James Alston Hope Hunter

Mathematical diversions

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At the age of 28, he became the youngest person to be appointed a Highseeker, the religious aristocracy of the region. He quickly became an important person in Haven politics, and was a favorite of the masses. Many of the Seeker clerics were hypocrites, seekers after power first and truth last. But Elistan was different. In spite of the realities of leadership and politics, he never lost sight of his objective—to find the true gods. At the age of 40, Elistan faced a true crisis. He had contracted a strange wasting disease that would eventually prove fatal.

The one constant thing about Laurana is her love for Tanis. It may have started as a crush, but it becomes stronger every day. STRENGTH 13 (Max. , Open Doors 1-2, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 4%) INTELLIGENCE 15 (No adjustments) WISDOM 12 (No adjustments) DEXTERITY 17 (Reaction/Missile Adj. +2, Defense Adj. ) ARMOR Chain mail +1 (AC 4) and Shield (AC 3) with Dexterity adj. AC 1/0 APPEARANCE Height 5’6”, Weight 110 lbs. Age 80 (actual)/ 18 (apparent) Honey Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes HIT POINTS 24 WEAPONS Short sword (Damage 1-6 SM/1-8 L, THAC0 17) EQUIPMENT As selected by player, 500 stl/1150 gpw max.

She seemed to have forgotten about Tanis, which relieved Gilthanas. He did not wish to deny his sister anything, but a half-elf of questionable heritage, however handsome, was not a suitable match for a princess. But she had not forgotten. Personality Laurana grew up as a somewhat spoiled rich girl, used to getting everything she wanted. Her love for Tanis began as a little girl’s crush, selfish and possessive. She has a deep streak of childishness when she first appears in the adventure, but her diplomatic skills and political experience help make up for it.

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