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The speed of the conductor is actually irrelevant—you only need to know the time elapsed and the distance traveled. When you’ve finished scoring, turn to 83 for another train-themed puzzle, or to 327 for a TOUGH puzzle. 9 Answer to 390: When you’ve finished scoring, turn to 229. 10 Odd One Out III Start the clock! Which is the odd one out of these symbols? When you think you’ve worked it out, turn to 315. Only 10 percent of the book left to go! 11 Bird Long I Start the clock! A bird has a head 9 cm long.

When you’ve finished scoring, turn to 181 for another series puzzle, or to 291 for a TOUGH series puzzle. 146 The King’s Bodyguard II Start the clock! One-third of King Charles’s bodyguard were Knights of St. George, a fifth of them were Templar Knights and three times the difference between those two numbers were Boogie Knights, and the last bodyguard wasn’t actually a knight at all. How many men were in King Charles’s bodyguard? When you think you have the answer, turn to 402. Brain fact: The average adult human brain weighs 1,360 grams.

Start the clock! When you’re done, or you’ve run out of time, turn to 300. 161 More Missing Numbers II Start the clock! This is the last puzzle! What number is next? When you think you have the answer, or you have run out of time, turn to 391. 162 Building Pyramids Start the clock! The Mayans are building one of their step pyramids out of cubic stone blocks. The pyramid is going to have eleven steps up to the summit, and each step is one block deep and one block high. The uppermost level of the pyramid is ten by ten blocks squared.

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