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One glance and you may see this Maya ebook isn't the same as the entire others. It offers center Maya good points visually, utilizing pages which are full of attractive photographs and loaded with precise factors on each the most important characteristic of Maya's interface. enticing step by step tutorials offer hands-on reinforcement for what you have got learned.Maya at a look is the proper creation and connection with the Academy Award(r) profitable Maya 3D animation and results software program.

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Most modelers stick to triangles (three-sided) and quads (four-sided), but polygons can have any number of faces. Creating Individual Polygons Polygons can be created one vertex at a time. This is good for creating polygons that exactly match a desired shape or for building up complex surfaces from scratch. You can also create individual polygons to extend or modify an existing surface. Vertices Represent a single point in space and are the building blocks of all polygonal objects. Press F9 to enter vertex selection mode.

Choose Edit NURBS → Stitch → Stitch Edges Tool. Select the edges you want to stitch. The edges then stitch themselves together. At the end of each edge appears a diamond manipulator that you can select and use as a “zipper” to open or close parts of the stitch. Be sure to delete history on the surfaces before stitching them. Global Stitch lets you quickly stitch together a collection of surfaces. This is even quicker than Stitch Edges, but has no control to “unzip” a surface. The Global Stitch tool works using the distances between edges, so you need all the surfaces aligned fairly closely.

Select the edges at each of the four corners and collapse them. This will reduce the vertex count. 27 Create the arms in much the same manner as the legs. Select faces along the top of the sides of the body and extrude them. Be sure to give enough detail for the character’s elbows so they deform properly. 21 Select the faces at the bottom of the legs and extrude them slightly to make the hooves.

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