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The lavatory learn to finish all toilet reads! What does Greece (the state) need to do with Grease (the movie)? And what does Grease (the motion picture) need to do with greasy nutrients? lots, should you ask the folk at mental_floss. in accordance with the magazine's "Scatterbrained" part, the mental_floss gang has taken at the Mount Everest of minutiae demanding situations: connecting the total global during the juiciest proof they can locate. How do you get from doggies to Stalin; from Humpty Dumpty to Elizabeth Taylor; from the Hundred Years' struggle to eight Minute Abs; or perhaps from Schoolhouse Rock to summary Expressionism? you will simply need to open up the publication to determine.

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And that’s not even to mention offoff-Broadway theaters. Wait. Who’s on first? The distinction, it turns out, has to do with the number of seats in a theater, not its location. Broadway theaters generally have more than 500 seats; off-Broadway, between 101 and 499; and off-offBroadway, fewer than 100. ✖ ✖ ✖ One of the central figures in early Broadway history was Edwin Booth. One of the most successful actors of his day, Edwin also opened an early New York theater (which, in the great tradition of Broadway theaters, soon closed).

36 CHAPTER 2 04 Fourteen Lies Your Mother Told You The Lie: Lemmings commit suicide en masse. The Truth: Lemmings are stupid, not depressed. The myth of lemming suicide goes back a long way—at least to Freud, who in Civilization and Its Discontents (1929) examined the human death instinct in the context of the purported mass suicide of lemmings. But suicidal lemmings didn’t fully enter the pop culture lexicon until Disney made the “documentary” White Wilderness in 1958. Disney shipped dozens of lemmings to Alberta, Canada (where they do not live), herded them off a cliff, filmed the poor creatures falling to their deaths, and passed it off as nonfiction.

Desperately hungry, Fillmore was finally given a spoonful of soup. “The nourishment is palatable,” Fillmore noted dryly—and then died. 12 percent. Now, we don’t want to take anything away from timber cutters—partly because they tend to own chainsaws—but, technically, American president is a more dangerous job. 7 percent. SC AT TERBR A I N ED ✖ ✖ ✖ Remarkably, Ulysses S. Grant is the only American president ever to have died of cancer. Grant suffered for the last years of his life from then-untreatable throat and tongue cancer.

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