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His notion (that the greater distances provide a framework to which the minor detail should be appended) is similar to modern land-surveying practice, wherein a widely spaced but highly precise geodetic survey forms the basis for local efforts. This result is perhaps slightly dependent on a quadratic error criterion that emphasizes the larger errors, assuming that the errors are proportional to the square roots of the estimated distances. Designs based on entries in the array seem somehow less ideal than the ones that one would establish if one knew the topology and geometric arrangements of the set members in advance, particularly since the ordering of the elements in the array is completely arbitrary.

This awareness has been fostered by the production of books with titles such as Image and Environment [10], Maps in Minds [11], Environmental Knowing [40], Environment and Behavior [41], Environmental Psychology [42], An Introduction to Environmental Psychology [30], Environmental Planning [44], Cities, Space and Behavior [33], and Spatial Choice and Spatial Behavior [20]. Within both disciplines there has been a trend toward incorporating models, concepts, theories, and measurement practices from the other discipline into textbooks as well as into teaching and research operations.

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