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By Sean Williams

After a short yet lethal nuclear warfare, town of Kennedy partitions itself clear of the decline of the us. notwithstanding, after forty years town is slowly loss of life, applied sciences are failing and replacements and maintenance are usually not imminent. it truly is now time for Kennedy to rejoin the reunited united states.

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The Mole had looked at the city's warehouses early, before checking the MSA and RSD stockpiles. At about the same time, he had lifted the first 'unofficial' inventory. A fortnight later, he had gained access to the records for the Old North,Street residence. From that point onward, no other small-scale inventory had been stolen. Roads thumped the desk. He had it. The Mole had been looking for something specific among all the other something concrete. Then, as soon as he had d it, he had stopped looking.

His report of the events of the previous twelve hours k an hour to write. In accordance with his agreement with Morrow, he made no mention of the meeting at the warehouse bar, nor of his guesses regarding the nature of the Old North Street operation. When he had finished, he mailed one copy of the file to Barney's home computer. Then he shut down his terminal, rebooted, and loaded another program. He physically unplugged the leads at the back of the terminal and locked the door to his office. When he was sure that he would not he disturbed, he removed a web of contact electrodes from a drawer and placed them in position around the nape of his neck.

Everyone in Kennedy was theoretically connected to the city's information and entertainnient networks; in practice computer terminals were limited by supply to those who needed them most. 76 @who didn't have access to a terminal could 'a neighbour's or friend's, or join a neighbourllective designed to share such scarce technouries. Data-input and processing for the news were performed by a small team of professionals s in the Mayoralty. Roads couldn't remember a n there had been so much to report - not in the ty years, anyway.

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