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By Isabel Moura, José J G Moura, Sofia R Pauleta, Luisa B Maia, C David Garner, Anthony Wedd, Yoshitsugu Shiro, Kim Heylen, Somdatta Ghosh Dey, Zhiguo Yuan, Jeff Cole, Francesca Cutruzzola, Masaki Nojiri, Sofia Pauleta, José Moura, Sabyasachi Sarkar, Neal Ma

The aid of nitrate to nitrogen via metalloenzymes is a crucial step within the nitrogen cycle. the significance of this pathway has encouraged efforts to appreciate in better intensity the mechanisms concerned. This booklet offers and discusses the most recent info on a number of facets of denitrification.

Written via famous experts within the box, this booklet describes the bioinorganic elements and the most important enzymes all in favour of denitrification, together with their constitution, functionality and mechanisms. lively web site modelling, novel methodologies for tracking denitrification in vivo and biotechnological equipment for water remedy are mentioned. The publication additionally focusses at the environmental implications of denitrification, such nitrate accumulation and the discharge of nitrous oxide into the ambience from over the top fertiliser use.

An vital subject in lots of organic, environmental and agricultural contexts, this ebook will reduction educating and aid bioinorganic chemists and biotechnologists achieve an up to date photo of the technology in the back of the denitrification process.

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