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By Lawrence S.B. Goldstein, Eric A. Fyrberg, Leslie Wilson, Paul T. Matsudaira

Drosophila melanogaster: useful makes use of in mobile and Molecular Biology is a compendium of commonly brief technical chapters designed to supply state-of-the artwork ways to the wide neighborhood of telephone biologists, and to place molecular and mobile organic reports of flies into standpoint. The ebook makes the baroque facets of genetic nomenclature and strategy available to cellphone biologists. It additionally encompasses a wealth of technical info for starting or complex Drosophila employees. Chapters, written inside a yr of book, make this topical quantity a useful laboratory advisor this day and a very good common reference for the longer term.

Key Features
* choice of ready-to-use, state-of-the artwork tools for contemporary telephone organic and similar study utilizing Drosophila melanogaster
* obtainable to either skilled Drosophila researchers and to others who desire to take part on the leading edge of the program
* Drosophila bargains an simply controlled lifestyles cycle, low-cost way of life, terribly manipulable molecular and classical genetics, now mixed with robust new telephone biology strategies
* advent and evaluation sections orient the person to the Drosophila literature and lore
* Six full-color plates and over a hundred figures and tables improve the certainty of those phone biology concepts

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25 liters 88 g 350 ml 38 ml Mix water, agar, and syrup. Boil until agar is dissolved. Cool for 5 min or more and then stir in p-hydroxy-benzoic acid methylester. Dispense into petri dishes. When wrapped, these keep at 4°C for at least 6 weeks. H. Miscellaneous Available from a variety of laboratory chemical suppliers, including Sigma Chemical are benzyl benzoate; p-hydroxy-benzoic acid methyl ester (also known as tegosept, nipagin, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, methyl paraben, and methyl parasept), and penicillin-streptomycin solution.

Flies from 100 vials are pooled and their DNA is extracted. The DNA is subjected to PCR using two primers. one in the P-element (Pp) and one in the gene of interest (Pg). A PCR product will result only when the P-element has inserted in the correct orientation near the gene of interest. If a PCR product is detected, the pool is subdivided. and the extraction and PCR are repeated on the smaller pools. This process is repeated until the investigator has identified the single vial whose flies contain the P-element insert.

A semi-synthetic, general-purpose medium for D . melanogaster. Drosophila Information Service 60, 210. Cole, K. , Schreuders, P. , Mahowald, A. , and Mazur, P. (1993). 1. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Technical Manual TM- 12394. Lindsley, D. L . , and Zimm, G. G. (1992). ” San Diego: Academic Press. Steponkus, P. , and Caldwell, S. (1993). A procedure for the cryopreservation of Drosophila melanogaster embryos. Handout distributed at a workshop on Drosophila cryobiology at the 1993 Drosophila Conference, San Diego, CA.

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