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By Katja Hujo

An exploration of the results of mineral-led wealth and the possibilities that this creates for monetary and social improvement. The booklet comprises theoretical and coverage analyses in addition to micro point state case reports, together with Norway, Chile, Indonesia, Nigeria and Botswana.

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However, the authors found a negative association between state revenue and the level of mineral export dependence, whereas a positive association between total state revenue and public social expenditure exists. The cluster analysis shows that mineral wealth reinforces existing characteristics of welfare regimes (Gough and Wood 2004), which means that no structural changes in welfare systems such as shifts from state to markets or vice versa take place. Looking at specific case studies, this observation is confirmed in some countries, whereas in others the welfare mix is changed – that is, the balance between state, market or informal social provisioning, with mineral rents playing a significant Katja Hujo 13 role in providing the financial base for these changes, as the cases of Bolivia and Venezuela demonstrate.

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