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You communicate it daily, yet have you particularly considered language? the place it originates? What its evolutionary function is? The Very Lazy highbrow: Modern Languages teaches you the heritage and etymology of the world’s most typical languages. With details on every thing from American signal Language to Russian, you’ll be an armchair linguist very quickly.

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688 Fortenbaugh). 186 See Pfeiffer (1968) 273 and Rawson (1985) 40. 187 Besides, he applies a number of stylistic ideas that were developed by Aristotle’s successors. 189 Furthermore, Bonner has shown that the theory of the three styles (Dem. 2) as well as the theory of the three composition types (Comp. 192 Because of the focus of his rhetorical works, Dionysius is more interested in Plato’s style than in his ideas. 4). 195 Occasionally, we find references to more philosophical ideas. g. Lys. 12,11–13; Thuc.

Tyrannion. Cf. Pfeiffer (1968) 266 and Rawson (1985) 69. 156 On Tyrannion as one of Strabo’s teachers, see Dueck (2000) 9. 54. See Pfeiffer (1968) 273, Rawson (1985) 40 and Dueck (2000) 9. 1. 158 Tyrannion fr. 55–56 Haas. The titles Περ μερισμο and Περ τ ν μερ ν το λ γου, both mentioned in Suda, have been identified as one treatise that carried the title Περ μερισμο τ ν το λ γου μερ ν, which was also the title of one of the works of Apollonius Dyscolus. Cf. Wendel (1943) 1815. 159 See the discussion in Haas (1977) 97–98.

135 See esp. Rhys Roberts (1900a), Bonner (1939) 3–6, Bowersock (1965) 130–132, Goudriaan (1989) 2–3, and Hidber (1996) 5–7. 136 See Orat. Vett. 3,6; Amm. 257,1; Amm. 438,1. Ammaeus may have been Greek or Roman: see Hidber (1996) 7. 137 See Pomp. 232,8. 138 Therefore, Pompeius Geminus did not belong to the closer friends of Dionysius, and he may not have lived in Rome: see Aujac (1978) 26 n. 1 and Usher (1985) 352 n. 1. 139 Hidber (1996) 7 n. 50. 140 On the alleged connection between Pompeius Geminus and Pompeius Magnus, see Rhys Roberts (1900a) 439, Schultze (1986) 122, and Fornaro (1997) 4 n.

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