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By Marian R. Goldsmith, Adam S. Wilkins

The participants current a various choice of chapters on uncomplicated study on the molecular point utilizing Lepidoptera as version platforms. This quantity, even if, is greater than only a compendium of knowledge approximately insect platforms ordinarily, or the Lepidoptera particularly. each one bankruptcy is a self-contained therapy of a extensive topic quarter, supplying adequate history details to offer readers a feeling of the guiding rules and significant questions linked to each one subject, as well as significant methodologies and findings. Comparisons with different significant version platforms are emphasised, with specific cognizance given to the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster. subject matters comprise: an old evaluate of analysis utilizing Lepidopteran versions, silkworm genetics, cellular components of Lepidopteran genomes, experimental embryogenesis and homeotic genes, hormone motion within the primary anxious method, the molecular genetics of moth olfaction, and use of engineered baculoviruses for uncomplicated organic stories and bug pest regulate.

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The first to culture insect tissue was the geneticist Richard Goldschmidt. He placed cysts taken from testes of H. cecropia into hanging drops of hemolymph and found that spermatogenesis could ensue under these tissue culture conditions (Goldschmidt, 1915). Two decades later, another advance was made by Trager, who multiplied baculoviruses in tissue culture (Trager, 1935), but substantial progress in this area had to wait another two decades, when S. S. Wyatt designed a complex culture medium based on the levels of organic compounds and amino acids found in Bombyx hemolymph (Wyatt, 1956).

History of Lepidoptera as model systems 17 The cuticle provides an intellectual challenge comparable to that of the chorion, for here, too, we need to learn how molecules contribute to the form and function of a structure that is necessary for the success of all insects. Unfortunately, the analysis of cuticular proteins has not yet reached the same level of sophistication as the chorion, despite the greater abundance of starting material. Although the number of proteins may be comparable, and they can be assigned to families, their assembly into cuticle is complicated by the presence of chitin and the diverse forms of sclerotizing agents.

Once positional cloning becomes available in the silkworm (see "A molecular linkage map"), the fortuitous transfer of this gene to the Z chromosome opens up the possibility of being able to design a strategy to identify and isolate a portion 42 M. R. Goldsmith of the W chromosome, which plays an active role in sex determination and whose function has been at least partially characterized. Chorion mutations have proven to be a fertile area for genetic analysis since Toyama's first report (1912) of a mutant with an opaque eggshell {Gr).

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