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By Chris Moneymaker

In 2004 the variety of entrants -- and the successful pool -- on the global sequence of Poker tripled, thank you largely to Chris Moneymaker, an novice participant who got here out of nowhere to win the 2003 sequence, and turn out to novices and poker professionals alike that something is feasible with a chip and a chair.

Moneymaker was once a tender accountant from Tennessee who enjoyed to gamble yet purely took up playing cards after university. 3 years later he was once enjoying a $40 online game of on-line Texas carry 'Em and received a coveted seat on the 2003 international sequence of Poker. Borrowing cash to get to Las Vegas, he entered his first real-time match and spent the following 4 days combating for a best spot on the ultimate table.

Filled with every thing from his early playing ventures to a play-by-play of his significant arms on the international sequence of Poker, Moneymaker is a gripping, fast paced tale for an individual who has ever dreamed of profitable it big.

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It’s one of the great thrills good money can buy, and these days there are all kinds of satellite tournaments and tie-in promotions that make it possible for amateurs like me to sit down at Binion’s main event with a buy-in of just $40. So yeah, anyone can win. In theory. I was assigned to Table 8, which was in a smaller room of tables, downstairs from the main floor. Still a big room, but nothing like the football field overhead. There was no one around. It felt a little bit like I was at a wedding reception, and I’d wandered over to my table ahead of everyone else, and there was nothing to do but stand there awkwardly, waiting for someone to come join me.

Banged on my door to get me out of bed in time for those eight o’clock classes that he knew I wouldn’t make it to without an assist from my old man. It was good to have him around, even though he damn near drove me insane at times—just as I must have been driving him and my mother insane with my less-than-total focus on my schoolwork. Still, my grades were pretty decent that first year. I’d given up on the idea of taking premed courses, but I was doing better than okay with a general course of study.

I guess craps was a little too complicated for us, or maybe it lacked the kind of head-to-head drama we seemed to crave, so we came up with a watered-down version. Three dice, one roller. The roller would bet on a specific number, one through six. If that number came up on one die, he’d get paid; if it came up on two, he’d get paid twice; if it came up on all three, he’d get three times his money; and, if it didn’t come up at all, he didn’t get paid. It wasn’t all that sophisticated, but it was a decent game of chance, and it didn’t take a genius to realize that, over time, the house tended to win.

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