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By Helmut Berger

This ebook is the 3rd of six volumes which evaluate the Hypotricha, a massive team of the spirotrichous ciliates. it's in regards to the Amphisiellidae, the Trachelostylidae, and a few genera of unknown place within the Hypotricha. additional, it contains vitamins to the Oxytrichidae and the Urostyloidea.

The Amphisiellidae are characterized by way of a roughly special ventral dossier, termed amphisiellid median cirral row. They produce their frontal-ventral-transverse cirri from six anlagen, a characteristic taken over from the floor development of the Hypotricha. Trachelostyla, the eponymous form of the Trachelostylidae, is an 18-cirri hypotrich, which lacks – just like the amphisiellids – dorsomarginal kineties. the shortcoming of those kineties exhibits that either taxa department off particularly early within the hypotrich tree. The center amphisiellids (e.g., Amphisiella, Spiroamphisiella) and the trachelostylids are limited to marine habitats. against this, the opposite genera reviewed during this quantity (e.g., Lamtostyla, Hemisincirra) are almost always terrestrial. a complete of 89 species, disbursed in 27 genera, are revised intimately, that's, just about all morphological, ontogenetic, faunistic, and ecological information, scattered in virtually six hundred papers are summarised. With the monographs of the Oxytrichidae, the Urostyloidea, and the Amphisiellidae and Trachelostylidae the scientist can establish greater than 410 species of hypotrichs. The treatise bargains taxonomists, mobile biologists, ecologists, molecular biologists, and practitioners a radical and updated assessment approximately this hugely fascinating workforce of ciliates.

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The oligotrichs, the supposed sister group of the hypotrichs (Fig. 6a), also have a soft body, indicating that the last common ancestor of the hypotrichs was flexible. , Stein 1859, Petz et al. 1995, Lei et al. 2002), indicating that this is an apomorphy of the euplotids. Within the discocephalids the situation is not uniform; most species are rigid, but at least Marginotricha faurei has a supple body (Wicklow 1982b). Macronuclear nodules fuse to a single mass during cell division. , Czapik 1981, Raikov 1982, Petz & Foissner 1993, Berger 1999, Foissner et al.

Kahl 1932, Curds & Wu 1983, Foissner et al. 1991, Fernández-Galiano & Calvo 1992, Song & Packroff 1993, Song et al. 2007). The last common ancestor of the Stylonychinae again evolved a large adoral zone usually occupying more than 40% of body length (Berger & Foissner 1997, Berger 1999). Adoral zone of membranelles continuous. The adoral zone of most hypotrichs is continuous, that is, it does not show a distinct break in the left anterior corner of the cell where it extends on the dorsal side of the frontal scutum.

PHYLOGENY 37 Silverline system fine-meshed. The silverline system of the Hypotricha is finemeshed (for reviews, see Berger 1999, 2006). , Foissner et al. , Curds & Wu 1983, Agamaliev 1983, Alekperov & Asadullayeva 1999, p. 224) showing that this pattern is a plesiomorphy for the last common ancestor of the Hypotricha. Three-layered cyst wall. Oxytrichids have a four-layered cyst wall according to the review by Gutiérrez et al. (2003). Non-Dorsomarginalia, that is, hypotrichs branching off outside the Dorsomarginalia have only three layers; the same is true for Diophrys (Walker & Maugel 1980, Gutiérrez et al.

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