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By Douglas Niles

Amid the storm-tossed vastness of the Trackless Sea west of the mainland, a gaggle of rocky islands lies uncovered to the whole brunt of wintry weather gales. those isles -- the Moonshaes - are domestic to a couple of the hardiest folks of the Forgotten geographical regions.

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The melee was relatively bloodless— O’Roarke lost none of his men, and I think only one guardsman fell dead, but many of the rest fled with an assortment of cuts and bruises. I’m quite certain it will take great incentive to bring that band into the forest again. With regret I finally departed the jolly bandits, for I had another region of Callidyrr to see before journeying on. O’Roarke’s men gave me protection to the southern edge of the forest, and furnished me with a pair of horses and a groomsman to see to the rest of my trip.

From the looks of the retainers, who had listened, enraptured, to the king’s tale, I felt certain that each was wondering if he might be the descendant who would discover the castle and bring proof to the tale. I myself was strangely touched. When the strange cry was repeated later in the night, I found myself wondering about the poor mother. I devoutly hoped that she would one day find her peace. Our party, more thoughtful than a day earlier, headed down the valley toward Moray-town on the following day.

The only easy access is along the castle road, which winds up the side of the knoll, totally exposed to fire from the walls and gatehouse of the castle. Thus the weakness of the timber palisade has been balanced by the difficulties of the castle’s approaches. Like Caer Callidyrr, Caer Corwell has never fallen to an invader. Caer Corwell is the setting for much of the adventure contained in Darkwalker on Moonshae. The description of the area during Elminster’s visit is drawn from the sage’s experiences approximately 10 years before the happenings described in the novel.

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