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Its predecessor, Games for the Superintelligent, gained whatever freedom from impurity it had from the fact that its puzzles, despite their other flaws and shortcomings, were all impeccably straightforward and could be solved, each and every one of them, by nothing trickier than a rigorous application of logic. You didn't have to wonder if the author was trying to outwit you-he wasn't -and readers, to judge by the evidence that reached me, wel­ comed the certainty that what they ·had to deal with were merely the puzzles themselves and not a syntactical mine field.

Burned Up How many cigars can a hobo make from twenty-five cigar butts if he needs five butts to make one cigar? 14. Up a Tree If John gives Paul one apple, they will have the same num­ ber of apples. If Paul gives John one, John will have twice as many as Paul has. How many apples does each have? 15. It All Adds Up Arrange eight 8s so that when added they will equal 1 ,000. 16. Line-up By drawing one line, make the following figure into an even number (without violating numerical convention) : IX 45 VI Disturbers of the puzzler's peace Lest I be suspected of a penchant for underhandedness that I do not, so far as I know, even remotely possess, let me say at once that, of all the chapters in this book, this is the one I like least.

Space, as a moment's reflection will reveal, is in fact of transcendent importance in human affairs. How often have you found yourself feeling uncomfortable solely because the space in which you found yourself was ineptly designed? Compare, if you doubt the effects of space on the human spirit, two buildings, both of them designed for virtually the same purpose. On the one hand, consider Grand Central Ter­ minal in New York City. With its towering vaults, broad cor­ ridors, and lavish decorative motifs, Grand Central proclaims the importance of the traveler.

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