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By Claudia Zaslavsky

Math, background, artwork, and global cultures come jointly during this pleasant e-book for children, even in the event you locate conventional math classes dull. greater than 70 video games, puzzles, and initiatives inspire childrens to hone their math abilities as they calculate, degree, and remedy difficulties. The video games span the globe, and lots of were performed for millions of years, akin to three-in-a-row video games like Achi from Ghana or the forbidden online game of Jirig from Mongolia. additionally integrated are imaginitive board video games like Lambs and Tigers from India and the Little Goat video game from Sudan, or bead and string puzzles from China, and Möbius strip puzzles from Germany. via compelling math play, kids will achieve self assurance and feature enjoyable as they find out about the several methods humans all over the world degree, count number, and use styles and symmetry of their daily lives.

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Figure 4b 4. How does the abacus help children to learn arithmetic? What are the disadvantages? MAKING fi RUSSIAN RBRCUS Abacusshpowing6 Does your scety look like the one in Figure 2? 4. Do the same as in step 3 for each string, except for the decimal point string, which has just one light bead (see Figure 2). 5. Pretend you are a clerk in a Russian store. Use your abacus to add and subtract larger numbers, showing dollars and cents. The AbaCUS fro- O>,*a ounting boards have been in use for thousands of years.

5 cm) square • 11 counters for each player or team, two different kinds (beans, buttons, coins, or checkers) DRAWING THE GAME BOARD See the directions for drawing the game board for Alquerque de Nueve (page 19). Then connect the corners of the three squares by drawing diagonal lines. Mark the 24 points where the lines intersect. Figure 27 Game board for Jirig Figure 27 PLAYING THE GAME The object of the game is to get a row of three counters. The row can be made along the side of a square, along a line joining the midpoints of the sides of the squares, or along a El diagonal line joining the corners.

The Ruma has three seeds. Show that you will lose the game, no matter which square you start from. Figure 5 Make a longer board that has five squares and a Ruma. You will need 10 counters. Otherwise the rules are the same as above. Little Goat Game from Sudan T his is a game of transfer for two players. It is called Um el Tuweisat in northern Sudan, a country in northeast Africa. It is an easy version of the Cow Game (see page 37). Children dig holes in the sand and gather seeds to use as counters.

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