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By Loretta O'Connor

Typologies are serious instruments for linguists, yet typologies, like grammars, are identified to leak. This booklet addresses the query of typological overlap from the point of view of a unmarried language. In Lowland Chontal of Oaxaca, a language of southern Mexico, switch occasions are expressed with 3 kinds of predicates, and every predicate sort corresponds to another language style within the recognized typology of lexicalization styles tested through Talmy and elaborated through others. O’Connor evaluates the predictive powers of the typology by way of studying the results of every predicate variety in various contexts, utilizing facts from narrative discourse, stimulus reaction, and elicitation. this can be the 1st de­tailed examine the lexical and grammatical assets of the verbal process in Chontal and their relation to semantics of switch. The research of the way and why Chontal audio system decide on between those verbal assets to accomplish specific communicative and social pursuits serves either as a documentation of an endangered language and a theoretical contribution in the direction of a typology of language use.

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Das Temperament pr#228;gt den Charakter. Nie kam dies deutlicher zum Ausdruck als in den verschiedensten Einsatzm#246;glichkeiten des Fliegers im Zweiten Weltkrieg. »Die Bomber hatten eine vom Jagdflieger verschiedene Einstellung«, schreibt Werner Baumbach #252;ber den Typ des Kampffliegers. »Die paintings ihres Einsatzes #252;ber weite Strecken, in das Hinterland des Feindes, #252;ber See, bei Schlechtwetter und bei Nacht, der geschlossene Angriff im Verbandsflug, #252;berhaupt die Eigenschaften des langsameren Bomberfluges, all das bestimmt das Gesicht des Kampffliegers, der #228;u#223;erlich ruhiger, ausdauernder, gesetzter (in der Jagdfliegersprache: »sturer«) erschien.

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I was able to probe extensions and intensions of lexical items in specific domains, clarify semantics, and elicit specialized vocabulary that might never show up in narratives. The final step was to return to the discourse examples with a clearer understanding of the lexical and grammatical choices available to speakers. 2 Conventions of change event description: events, classes and constructions There are rich linguistic resources in Chontal for encoding change. Predicates of change are examined here in terms of meaning, forms and function.

While this may be hyperbole, the phonology does feature glottalized stops, nasals and fricatives; voiceless laterals and nasals, and palatalized alveolars. The creation and maintenance of a practical orthography has presented a challenge since Waterhouse’s work in the community in the 1940s. The orthography was standardized again through a series of workshops and meetings in 1997-98, but spelling still varies. 1 Vowels and consonants Vowels. The vowel inventory is quite simple, with five distinct phonemes /a, e, i, o, u/.

Restrictions on compositionality for any given activity verb used. Turning to change of state, stative verbs that use AM morphology to express change must be memorized, and these patterns are surely part of the lexicon and must be part of the dictionary entry. In addition, it goes without saying that simple predicates are part of the mental lexicon and entries in the physical dictionary, as well. These remarks on compositionality are necessarily provisional. Suffice to say that Chontal seems to present a continuum, with AM predicates closer to the compositional pole and compound stem predicates closer to the conventional pole, and there may be differences with respect to change of location through space and change of state through time.

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