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By Jean-Pierre Cling, Mireille Razafindrakoto, François Roubaud, Tony Killick

The realm financial institution and IMF introduced a joint initiative on the finish of the 20th century to struggle poverty. This ebook seriously assesses those new foreign techniques opposed to poverty. This e-book, initially released in French and up-to-date right here, has to be learn via improvement economists and especially the IMF and global bank--its suggestion mustn't ever be overlooked.

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The way they should be conveyed in terms of prioritisation, defining target populations, sharing responsibility amongst the different players and means of implementation, remains vague. Also, the implied arbitration processes, the preconditions to be satisfied and risks to be run have not yet been fully measured. In more concrete terms, apart from the questioning about the relevance of the recommended policies, the new strategies always come up against a certain number of recurrent problems neglected in the past.

They may be taken at their word by the southern countries and have to adapt to radical changes that they have not fully anticipated. In any event, new paths have been opened by the PRSP Initiative. It remains to be seen whether the numerous obstacles and constraints that still exist can be overcome, and whether the different players at national and international levels are aware of the real stakes involved and are ready to mobilise the resources needed to make the process a success. Introduction 15 Notes 1 Whilst insisting that it attached great importance to the question of the fight against poverty, France wished to widen the issue to cover inequalities and exclusion (see DGCID 2001).

The analysis points to a blind spot in the recommended policies, stemming from the World Bank’s ‘ruralist’ stance. Chapter 5 looks at empowerment and the participation of the poor. This chapter proposes an original method for revealing the demands and aspirations of the poor (the so-called ‘voices of the poor’), with examples taken from the case of Madagascar. By highlighting that the poor express a strong need for a welfare state, the authors ask how this demand can be satisfied when it appears to be in contradiction with the planned strategies.

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