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By Camran Nezhat, Farr Nezhat, Ceana Nezhat

This booklet catalogs the whole spectrum of minimally invasive systems in gynecology, oncology, and infertility therapy. fine quality colour photos complement the various shows. The e-book covers topics as assorted as endometriosis, urinary incontinence, infertility, ovarian melanoma, and appendiceal illness. It additionally discusses common surgical laparoscopic matters and the administration of problems in the course of laparoscopy. the 3 editors have pioneered one of the most very important laparoscopic strategies used this present day, and their paintings has unfolded the video laparoscopy box for surgeons around the globe. The members have huge adventure in laparoscopy and hysteroscopy. a lot of them have proven a number of the surgical recommendations mentioned.

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Whether or not blunt trocars decrease the risk of vascular injury remains unknown. S. [6] In most cases of vascular injury, the trocar involved was either a shielded trocar (which has a retractable shield that covers the trocar blade before and after insertion to help protect abdominal and pelvic organs from inadvertent puncture) or an optical trocar (which allows the laparoscopist to view the cutting tip as it penetrates the tissues). However, no studies looking at this issue have been done. Secondary Trocars Reusable and disposable accessory trocars and sleeves come in a variety of lengths and range in diameter from 2 to 30 mm; the most common size is 5 mm.

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