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By Aydin Arici, Emre Seli

There's an expanding development inside of gynecology to maneuver in the direction of extra non-invasive administration recommendations. those are much less tense for sufferers and decrease clinic remains and prices. As extra of those modalities develop into on hand, physicians want information in making a choice on one of the number of concepts. This e-book will be aware of gynecologic problems for which either surgical and non-surgical administration innovations are at the moment to be had, and exclude gynecologic issues which are taken care of merely medically, or those who are controlled frequently surgically (e.g. invasive cancers). The e-book will describe the pathogenesis of those problems, and on hand non-surgical cures, but in addition supply advice on how and whilst it truly is acceptable to decide on extra conservative modalities. An evidence-based procedure should be all through.

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Usually there is immediate postoperative pain without any vaginal bleeding. Examination reveals a large globular uterus. 02% of cases and is more common among those carried out early in the first trimester with minimal cervical dilatation. This condition is treated with cervical dilatation with Pratt dilators under paracervical block. Other late complications Amenorrhea without pain can also be caused by Asherman’s syndrome, destruction and scarring of the endometrium. This condition is very rare and usually follows endometrial infection.

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