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But their idyll is interrupted when two other fugitives join Huck and Jim and take over the raft. A sign of Huck's perceptiveness is that he recognizes the "Duke" and "King" for the "low-down humbugs and frauds" that they are. The two con men begin practicing their trade in small towns along the Mississippi shore, working camp meetings and doing poor Shakespeare imitations. In one town, Huck witnesses two separate incidents of some significance. An aristocratic Colonel Sherburn < previous page page_17 next page > < previous page page_18 next page > Page 18 warns a local drunk named Boggs, who is harmlessly threatening him; when the drunk persists, Sherburn shoots him down in cold blood, then tells the mob that comes with ideas of lynching him that he knows them.

What is the point about the love affair between Sophia Grangerford and Harley Shepherdson? ) 9. What is the import of this entire Grangerford/Shepherdson episode? (Here are what Huck considers the finest Southern people, and they are involved in this senseless, violent feud, the origins of which they have even forgotten. Huck witnesses the violence"I wished I hadn't ever come ashore that night"but cannot yet understand the larger consequences; he even blames himself for the bloodshed. ) Discussion and Writing Ideas 1.

One way is to have them see the symbolic nature of items in everyday life; for example, a car equals freedom, a road equals a journey. It is this symbolic quality to the events and characters of the novel that may get readers most easily inside its meaning. Why is Holden so curious about the ducks in the lagoon and the mummies in the museum, for example? What do they have in common? What do they symbolize? Or, as another example, Holden likes the two nuns, James Castle, Phoebe, Allie, and Jane Gallagher.

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