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The booklet offers a major precis of oat dietary examine and linked well-being claims which have been granted in reputation of the dietary advantages linked to oat intake. the person chapters on part chemistry and performance offer a very good source for product builders of their quest to layout new, fit, oat-based foodstuff items. The chapters on oat molecular biology and oat breeding coupled with the large works on oat nutrients supply course to researchers attracted to constructing oats with better food

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Unfortunately, as indicated in Chapter , the method in oats is not efficient enough to be used routinely. So far, we have considered methods of breeding in relation to methods of handling a single cycle of hybridization and selection. McProud () represented breeding programs as repetitive cycles of hybridization and selection akin to simple or phenotypic recurrent selection (Allard ). As in the barley breeding programs analyzed by McProud, Valentine (b) found that the number of unique genetic sources forming the genetic base of the winter oat breeding program at Aberystwyth was small, in this case .

There are many other fungal, viral, and bacterial diseases of oats. Some, such as the smuts, in which seeds are replaced by brown or black spore masses, can be economically controlled by seed treatments. Others, such as Helminthosporium leaf blotch, are locally important. In the context of this book, there are several fungi that affect grain quality. Alternaria and other genera cause kernel blackening (Thinlay , Valentine and Clothier ), while Fusarium can produce mycotoxins in the grain.

Valentine and R. B. ) between the gap between lemma and palea and levels of discoloration. Recently, concerns have been aired with regard to mycotoxins in cereal grain. The mycotoxins T and HT attributable to Fusarium langsethiae (Torp and Langseth , Edwards , Wilson et al ) have been found in oats, albeit at very low levels. F. langsethiae is a very weak pathogen, so much so that artificial inoculation of oat plants was not effective (S. Edwards, unpublished data). The mycotoxins were mainly found on oat husks, but also at much lower levels in oat groats.

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