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By Maria Luisa Zubizarreta

This crosslinguistic research of the constitution of movement predicates argues for the common syntactic nature of the composition of demeanour and movement inside the verbal constituent. In serial verb languages, demeanour and movement are openly represented as particular morphosyntactic devices, sequentially ordered. Zubizarreta and Oh argue that an analogous research into devices holds for nonserial verb languages, albeit at a extra summary point. They argue additional that this summary point is a part of the syntactic element of the grammar.The authors help their argument with a wealth of empirical information and a dialogue of important theoretical matters. not like many books and articles that debate the relation among constructional that means and the lexicon, at the Syntactic Composition of demeanour and movement examines one phenomenon intimately: the articulation of demeanour and movement, in 3 designated language families--Germanic, Korean, and Romance. The authors' safety of the syntactic method of constructional which means should be of curiosity to linguists and psycholinguists either inside and out the generative culture, and to students of Romance, Germanic, and Korean languages.

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We propose to modify their analysis slightly in the following way. In Russian the path is morphologically a prefix.

VP John [v sent v [VP the package [V (sent) [ PP to [P [Paris]]]]]]] b. [vP The cold [v froze v [VP the water [V (froz-) [ A (froz-)]]]]] To recapitulate, in the present theory, the causative meaning does not arise from any (abstract) lexical item. It is a meaning associated with the construction itself, which can be summarized as in (65). (65) [vP DP v [VP DP [V XP]]] Preliminaries to the Lexicon-Syntax Relation 23 In this structure, the Spec of v is interpreted as bringing about (or causing) the event denoted by the embedded VP.

Indeed, the semantic ambiguity in this type of structure was noted and extensively discussed by De´chaine 1993, a phenomenon she refers to as the ‘‘bivalency’’ property of SVCs. With this in mind, let us turn back to the CSVC. In the CSVC, the antecedent event (A) is perceived as a necessary condition for the consequent event (B) to take place. In other words, the worlds that contain B are a subset of the worlds that contain A. The relation between the two is then comparable to the well-known cause-result structures, where the cause constitutes the matrix event and the result the subordinate event.

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