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By Philipp Caspar Koch, Prof. Dr. Claudia Fantapié Altobelli

The asset administration in Germany has been more and more dealing with the problem to take advantage of measures to additionally optimize its distributions structures as capacity for securing aggressive virtue. for this reason, this booklet falls again on new institutional economics methods of administration technology to stipulate with a model-shaping rationale the best way a planned selection and layout of various institutional preparations operates as a tool for optimizing web inflows from deepest traders.

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Apart from defining certain sequences within the interaction of the game, a further consideration of elements of power has not been conceptualized yet. Moreover, although the identity of players and their reputation 26 Concept and Methodology for Optimizing Distribution Systems regarding cooperation, as well as further interaction outside the actual game is starting to earn more recognition in game-theoretical approaches (Hill 1990, p. 505; Schrader 1993, p. 247), this background does not shed light on concrete steering measures for purposively coordinating activities.

In other words, to examine how different institutional arrangements prove able to operate under common challenges, this enquiry will follow some form of theoretical sampling (Glaser und Strauss 1967, pp. 48). Therefore, while solely focusing on the relationships of asset management firms with distributing banks in the German private investor market in the period between the late 1990s and the end of 2004, this enquiry intends to cover the spectrum of alternative institutional arrangements as proposed by Williamson (1991a, p.

Hence, it is not surprising to see that such approaches have been widely adopted (Jost 2001a; Dixit and Nalebuff 1991) to explain the evolution of cooperative arrangements under which the parties involved are better off than before. Fig. 3: PAY-OFF MATRIX OF THE PRISONERS' DILEMMA Distributing bank Cooperation Defection Asset management firm Cooperation Defection 7 10 • “Defection” represents 7 3 10 dominant strategy for both players 3 5 • Equilibrium of this game inefficient, meaning that payoffs to both can be higher 5 Source: Author Within the area of non-cooperative Game Theory, the "Prisoners' Dilemma" is one of the most famous and studied strategic games.

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