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Type depository: Davis: The Bohart Museum of Entomology, University of California, California, USA. HOST PLANTS: Gramineae: Cymbopogon citratus [McConn1954, Ferris1955a], Panicum barbinode [McConn1954], Paspalum conjugatum [McConn1954, Ferris1955a], Saccharum officinarum [Martor1976]. DISTRIBUTION: Neotropical: Cuba [Ferris1955a]; El Salvador [Ferris1955a]; Puerto Rico & Vieques Island (Puerto Rico [Teague1925, McConn1954, Ferris1955a, Martor1976]). Oriental: Philippines [Ferris1955a]. 14 ACLERDIDAE CATALOGUE BIOLOGY: Found on stalks and roots of sugar-cane (Teague, 1925).

On the identity of the genus Lecanopsis Targioni Tozzetti. Entomologica 33(1999): 67-72. J. 1993. The Scale Insects of California: Part 2. The Minor Families (Homoptera: Coccoidea). Sacramento, CA: California Department of Food & Agriculture. 241 pp. [Gill1993] 26 ACLERDIDAE REFERENCES Gómez-Menor Ortega, J. 1937. Cóccidos de España. Madrid: Instituto de Investigaciones Agronómicas, Estación. 432 pp. [GomezM1937] Gómez-Menor Ortega, J. 1948. Adiciones a los “Cóccidos de España” (2a nota). EOS 24: 73-121.

DISTRIBUTION: Palaearctic: Iraq [Bodenh1944a]. CITATIONS: Bodenh1944a [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 84]; KozarDr1998 [catalogue: 13]; McConn1954 [taxonomy: 119]. Aclerda xalapenseae McConnell Aclerda xalapenseae McConnell, 1943: 112. S. McConnell, Holotype female. S. National Museum of Natural History, District of Columbia, USA. HOST PLANTS: Gramineae: Muhlenbergia [Ferris1955a, Koszta1996], Panicum [Ferris1955a, Koszta1996], Panicum clandestinum [Koszta1996], Panicum xalapense [McConn1943, McConn1954, Ferris1955a, Koszta1996].

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