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By Francis R. Jones

Poetry is a hugely valued type of human expression, and poems are difficult texts to translate. For either purposes, humans willingly paintings hard and long to translate them, for little pay yet probably excessive own pride. This publication exhibits how skilled poetry translators translate poems and produce them to readers, and the way they not just form new poems, but in addition aid speak pictures of the resource tradition. It makes use of cognitive and sociological translation-studies easy methods to examine genuine facts, such a lot of it from contrasting resource nations, the Netherlands and Bosnia. Case reports, together with think-aloud experiences, examine how translators translate poems. In interviews, translators clarify why and the way they translate. And a 17-year survey of a country’s poetry-translation output explores how translators paintings inside networks of alternative humans and texts – publishing groups, fellow translators, source-culture fanatics, and translation readers and critics. In mapping the entire sweep of poetry translators’ motion, from micro-cognitive to macro-social, this ebook provides the 1st translation-studies evaluate of poetry translating because the Nineteen Seventies.

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Another class of procedures, shifts or techniques, looks at how far the translator changes a source-text item’s form and/or content (Munday 2001: 55–71; Fawcett; 1997). Converting Line 1’s uhoda sa zapada (‘spy from West’) into Western spy is a ‘transposition’ shift: changing an item’s grammar without changing its meaning. Finally, approach is the general procedural principle underlying the shifts used in a whole text, or favoured by a translator (Baker 1998: passim). An example is my aim of producing an effective English poem that keeps as many source-poem features as possible.

11). The essay project’s action, therefore, is more than a bundle of essay-writing, translating, editing, and publishing actions, but there is also more to the actors than their role in the project (and even their other interpersonal networks). This implies that this book’s research needs to combine various foci: human subjects and their texts, plus what motivates both, what they do, and how they interact. Goffman’s Social Game Theory analyses how teams interact with other teams, and how different actions may share underlying features.

Jenkins 1996; Campbell 1998; K. Davis 2001; Gentzler and Tymoczko 2002). This family of approaches stresses, like network-based models, the social context of action. It also implies that concepts such as a translator’s identity, political beliefs or ethical principles, and even much of what she or he regards as knowledge, are ‘constructed’ by discourse between people in social groups. Just as we need more than one theory to explain a complex human phenomenon like poetry translating, so we need more than one method to research it.

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