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Consumer Culture Reborn: The Cultural Politics of Consumption

Lee brings jointly the discourses of political financial system and cultural reviews on the way to make clear our social occasions. Lee sees the commodity because the important touchstone in the back of either research of the economic climate and tradition.

Consumption and Market Society in Israel

Israel has been remodelling itself on Western purchaser societies for the final 20 years. such a lot Israelis now aspire to the "accessories" of Western lifestyles--private cars, cellphones, buying department stores, and commute out of the country. overseas franchises equivalent to McDonald's, workplace Depot, Benetton, IKEA, and Toys 'R' Us more and more function within the Israeli panorama, and advertisements has emerged as a effective strength.

An introduction to cybercultures

An advent to Cybercultures presents an obtainable consultant to the most important varieties, practices and meanings of this rapidly-growing box. From the evolution of and software program to the emergence of cyberpunk movie and fiction, David Bell introduces readers to the foremost elements of cyberculture, together with electronic mail, the web, electronic imaging applied sciences, computing device video games and electronic lighting tricks.

Plagiat et créativité : (treize enquêtes sur l'auteur et son autre)

Qu'Arthur Rimbaud ait prélevé dans les Poésies d'Isidore Ducasse l'essentiel de sa fameuse lettre du Voyant, est-ce concevable ? Pourquoi Flaubert, dans l'un de ses Trois Contes, chercha-t-il à se mesurer au Julien de Stendhal ? remark Céline peut-il successivement s'inscrire dans l. a. filiation de Zola et du polar américain ?

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One hundred of the GPS units will remain portable for targeting localized areas of interest. 04 MONEY TALKS ENGINEERS AT THE CALIFORNIA-BASED TECHNOLOGY COMPANY BEEPCARD ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE DESIGNED P O P U L A R S C I E N C E J U LY 2 0 0 4 33 > HEADLINES H Q&A: EUROS ON THE MOON BERNARD FOING, CHIEF SCIENTIST, EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY PERSPECTIVE FREAKISH SPEED, BY THE NUMBERS NASA’s X-43A scramjet hits Mach 7 and won’t stop there. 5,000 MPH 720 MPH 11 SECONDS 15 MILES 2 HOURS 1 MILLISECOND 2,200 MPH 1,350 MPH 4,000°–4,500°F 2,500°–2,700°F 6,750 MPH Approximate top speed clocked by the X-43A hypersonic scramjet aircraft on March 27 Relative speed of sound Approximate duration of the X-43A’s powered flight Distance traveled Estimated flight time from New York to Hong Kong traveling 5,000 mph Time the X-43A engine takes to generate thrust Previous record for a jet aircraft Average cruising speed of Concorde jet Temperature inside a scramjet engine Melting point of steel Anticipated speed of NASA’s third and final X-43A hypersonic aircraft, scheduled to fly this fall SOURCE: NASA SOUND WAVES ECO FRIDGE GREEN INNOVATION CHILLING WITH SOUND WAVES, NOT FREON An eco-hip acoustic fridge debuts.

Are we sniffing too much oxymoron gas here? Well, consider first that the Continental GT, a two-door coupe, is a true four-seater. I’ve ridden in sedans with less backseat room and comfort than the Continental GT affords. It’s by far the fastest four-seater on the planet. Then consider that the Continental’s furnishings—superb leather, museum- H E AD L I N E S INSIDE EARTH WATCH Geologists’ tech attack on North America. I, SOLDIER Sizing up the military’s new robotic uniform. THE TITANIC Once a shipwreck, now a scientific treasure trove.

Pointing the aircraft accurately wasn’t easy. Graham, Haering and Wyle Laboratories boom expert Ken Plotkin had chosen dawn for the test because, later on an August day, FROM “BOOM” TO “POP” Northrop Grumman engineer Charles Boccadoro, holding models thermals rise from the desert floor of the unmodified F-5E (left) and the reshaped fighter, says quiet supersonic flight is critical to and the atmosphere gets turbulent. both military and corporate execs—it’s the only way to fly over land at Mach 2 undetected.

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