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The learn of populations is turning into more and more concerned about dynamics. We think there are purposes for this pattern. The ftrst is the impactof nonlinear dynamics with its intriguing principles and colourful language: bifurcations, domain names of appeal, chaos, fractals, unusual attractors. Complexity, that is so a great deal part of biology, now seems additionally part of arithmetic. A moment development is the accessibility of the recent recommendations. Thebarriers tocommunicationbetween theoristandexperimentalistseemless impenetrable. The energetic participationofthe experimentalist signifies that the speculation will receive substance. Our function is the applying of the speculation of dynamics to the research ofbiological populations. We started our paintings early in 1979 by way of writing a standard differential equation for the rateofchange in grownup numbers which used to be in keeping with an equilibrium version proposed adecadeearlier. Duringthenextfewmonths weftlledournotebookswithstraightforward deductions from the version and its linked organic implications. Slowly, many of the organic observations have been defined and papers on quite a few issues: genetic and demographic balance, desk bound chance distributions for inhabitants size,population development asabirth-deathprocess, typical selectionanddensity-dependent inhabitants progress, genetic disequilibrium, and the desk bound stochastic dynamics of grownup numbers.

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15 small larvae (Desharnais and Liu 1987). These values seem reasonable, given the demographic data presented below. 7) in the neighborhood of the equilibrium vector 0·. , co. 27) The co x co matrix Z gives the coefficients of the linearized model. :co, -cEl,(Y)n·(x + 1), x e E, y e L, -cEi\(y)n·(x + 1), x e E, yeA, -cPA(y)n ·(x + 1), xeP,yeA, 0, elsewhere . 29) Experimental Data and Computer Simulations 39 The nontrivial equilibrium n * is asymptotically locally stable if and only if the modulus of the dominant eigenvalue of Z is less than one.

An examination of the census data reveals that there was a large cohort of potential recruits (l82large larvae plus pupae) in this population at the time that the adults were removed. In all three experimental populations, the oscillations of the immature life stages persist after the perturbations (Desharnais and Liu 1987, Table 2). Biology and Dynamics of Age Structure 44 200 150 100 50 0 200 150 ·w C/) "S "0 100 50 c( '0 >. 0 200 c: 150 Q) Cl 100 50 0 200 150 100 50 Time (days) Fig. 7. Density ofadults versus time for the three experimental populations (a-c) and the matrix version ofthe Tribolium model (d) where all immatureswere removedatday seventy.

In the last treatment, all immatures were removed at day 70. The adult densities for these populations are presented in Fig. 7. As expected, there was a decline in adult density following the perturbation. In two of the cultures (Figs. 7a,b), this decline was followed by a return to the adult densities of the controls. 7d). In the population of Fig. 7c, a small overshoot followed the decline in adult density before a return to the unperturbed level. In this treatment, the removal of immatures may have tended to temporarily synchronize the immature cycles with the census periods.

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