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By Edited by Adam W. Ruch and Ewan Kirkland

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4 Ibid. p. 75-6. 15. 6 Ibid. p. 16. 7 Ibid. p. 65. 8 Montag’s wife is seen interacting with the telescreens, but the scene she plays out does not make any sense, rather, it is just constituted of chitchat. In this sense, Fahrenheit 451 seems to indicate the possible use of entertainment as a distraction from political, social issues - the war and censorship in the case of the novel. 9 E W Said, op. , p. 179. 10 G Orwell, op. , p. 83. 11 G Orwell, op. , p. 63. This quotation occurs when Winston is at the cafeteria with Parsons and Syme and an announcement is made stating that chocolate rations were to be increased to 20 grams per week, when the day before, it was announced that they would be reduced to twenty grams.

The following coded messages for the South African woman can be deduced from the three photographs: Photo 1: Photo 2: Photo 3: She will get plenty of satisfactory sex from him. She will get plenty of money from him, and good sex too. She will get nothing from him because he possesses neither the sexual nor monetary paraphernalia to attract the female sex. The stereotyping of African male sexualities is often discernable in migrant discourses that are replete with generalizations such as ‘West African men are good in bed’ or ‘South African men cannot perform’.

Essentially, it attempts to decipher the power play embedded in the e-mail, to read meaning in what is said and what is left unsaid. While Ratele analyses kinky politics within the context of racism and sex in South Africa, this paper engages with the same theory from the angle of xenophobia and sex. The specific email that inspired this paper was forwarded to my email box by a friend on Saturday, 19 July 2008. It had the caption Why South Africans sack and kill other fellow Africans such as TANZANIANS, MOZAMBICANS, NIGERIANS and ZIMBABWEANS?

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