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Among the possible water treatment alternatives, radiation processing is a very effective option, as it can simultaneously degrade both the toxic organic compounds and the biological contaminants that are present. 35 Radiation disinfection of effluent from municipal wastewater treatment plants has been successfully demonstrated by a number of researchers. Studies have demonstrated that inactivation of faecal coliforms in secondary effluents from municipal wastewater plants can be achieved with radiation doses of less than 1 kGy (Fig.

An industrial scale plant with the capacity to treat 600 m3 of dewatered sludge per day (18% solids content) with 10 kGy has been planned. This plant will be equipped with two electron accelerators (50 kW each) and handling facilities, and is expected to be more economical GRIT REMOVAL CHAMBER PRIMARY SETTLING TANK TRICKLING FILTERS FINAL SETTLING TANK RIVER PRIMARY SECONDARY ANAEROBIC DIGESTERS DRYING BEDS IRRADIATION PLANT FIG. 19. Location of the irradiation plant in the conventional setup at the Vadodara plant.

10]. , owing to charge interaction and the chemical actions of water radiolysis products on micelles: 30 M n + + me aq Æ M (n - m) + M n + + ∑ OH Æ OH - + M (n + 1) + M n + + mH ∑ Æ mH + + M (n - m) + – Therefore, •OH radicals and eaq reduce the stability of positively charged • colloids. The effect of the OH radicals depends on the primary charge of the micelles and their absorbability by the OH– ions. The presence of H atoms in irradiated colloidal wastewater provides stabilization for positively charged colloids but leads to coagulation for negatively charged ones.

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