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By Beverly Cleary

Ramona simply wishes all people to feel free. If in simple terms her father might smile and funny story back, her mom could glance much less nervous, her sister will be joyful, and Picky-picky could devour his cat-food. yet Ramona's father has misplaced his task, and no-one within the Quimby family is in a good mood.Ramona attempts to cheer up the relatives as basically Ramona can -- via rehearsing for all times as a wealthy and well-known megastar of tv ads, for example -- yet her top efforts merely make issues worse. Her sister, Beezus, calls her a, pest, her mom and dad lose endurance along with her, and her instructor claims she's forgotten her- manners. but if her father admits he would not exchange her for one million money, Ramona is aware every little thing goes to determine high-quality in spite of everything.

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She felt a little better. The newscaster disappeared from the television screen, and there was that boy again singing: Forget your pots, forget your pans. It’s not too late to change your plans. Ramona thought longingly of the days before her father lost his job, when they could forget their pots and pans and change their plans. She watched the boy open his mouth wide and sink his teeth into that fat hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and cheese hanging out of the bun. ” She felt so sad. The Quimbys really needed a million dollars.

She was happier than she had been in a long time. 48 3 TheThe Night of of thethe JackNight O’-Lantern Jack-O’-Lantern “ P lease pass the tommy-toes,” said Ramona, hoping to make someone in the family smile. She felt good when her father smiled as he passed her the bowl of stewed tomatoes. He smiled less and less as the days went by and he had not found work. Too often he was just plain cross. ” Mrs. 49 Quimby always seemed to look anxious these days, either over the cost of groceries or money the family owed.

Quimby. Ramona clapped her hands over the burs. ” she shrieked and stamped her foot. “I won’t let you cut off my hair! I won’t! I won’t! ” Beezus handed her mother the scissors and 42 gave her sister some advice. “Stop yelling. ” Ramona had to face the wisdom of Beezus’s words. ” Her father would work with care while her mother, always in a hurry since she was working full time, would go snip-snip-snip and be done with it. Besides, supper would be prepared faster and would taste better if her mother did the cooking.

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