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By Roger Cusson

Convey new realism on your visualizations with a command of the 3ds Max toolset. 3 step by step tutorials exhibit external and inside, day and evening lighting fixtures scenes. You examine the nuts and bolts of uploading versions from CAD courses, lights, utilizing mr shaders and fabrics, and optimizing your renders. psychological ray is made uncomplicated with an obtainable description of its instruments.

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The effect of a change in the Blur value can be seen more clearly at render time and is sometimes difficult to see in the sample spheres: 21 Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and mental ray 12. Click on the Go to Parent button. 13. At the root of the Arch & Design parameters scroll to the Special Purpose Maps rollout and open the rollout. 14. Click on the button labeled None on the right side of the Bump map. 15. Select Bitmap from the Materials/Map Browser. 16. jpg from the files folder.

Render a blowup of your camera view, but expand the rectangular area to be rendered slightly to see more of the floor area in the rendering. Once again, the final quality of this material will not be apparent until we bring the scene into a lit environment. 7 Working on the Glass Material The next material to work on is the glass material for the picture frames. Here you are trying to simulate transparent glass for this object in the scene: 1. max. 2. jpg from the files directory. 35 Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and mental ray Glass is an interesting material and one which may require some tweaking depending on your lighting conditions.

Jpg from the files directory. Note in the photo reference the highly reflective nature of the metal surface. The surface reflects the surrounding environment and has a highly polished surface which creates sharp and intense specular highlights: 3. Dismiss the View Image window. 4. Open the Material Editor and choose an unassigned material slot. 5. Change the Standard Material type to the Arch & Design material type. 6. Choose the Brushed Metal template by selecting it from the Templates pull down list.

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