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By Charles Brill

Exhibits and describes Ojibwa way of life, seems at how they've got tailored to fashionable occasions, and records carrying on with traditions and rituals.

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And Mrs. John Fairbanks with the 38-star flag presented to a Red Lake hereditary chief as a good-will gesture by the president of the United States sometime between 1876 and 1889 — probably during the Treaty and Agreement of 1889. The home in the background is a good example of the tar-paper shack. , almost a legend for his skills as a hunter and trapper 49 Mark and Vernon Kingbird, young Ponemah singers 50 Andrew Sigana of Ponemah 51 August King of Redby, one of the last hereditary chiefs Band member Darilyn Spears at the Red Lake high school 52 J.

Their eyes are uncannily sharp: they have developed the abil ity to spot a smal I torn wisp of flag flying from a net marker pole in the early gray of dawn, where others see only whitecaps. They can move with a catlike balance and agility in a tossing metal boat filled with nets and wooden fish boxes. Like other men who live and work close to the water, they seem to have a deep, almost religious feeling for nature. Although they now cross the lake in aluminum boats pushed by forty-horse power motors, and their nets are machine woven from synthetic fiber, the activity of setting and pulling a net has not changed for a hundred years.

It is warm in the summer, but cold in the winter. In the summer we can go picking wild berries. We have a powwow. It is a time when we get together and dance Indian. ''If I had to leave I would run and hide because in the cities there is too much noise and in Red Lake it is peaceful; all you can hear is the lovely sounds of the birds singing. In the cities there is too much 31 traffic. Up here in Red Lake there is just a little bit of traffic. "In Red Lake we have our own police station, hospitals and fire house, and a free dentist.

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