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Preface.- Introduction.- The Human Face.- Modeling and Prediction.- information Collection.- Face Representation.- Face Recognition.- Face in A Crowd.- 3D.- facts Fusion.- Denial and Deception.- Augmented Cognition.- functionality Evaluation.- blunders Analysis.- protection and Privacy.- e-Science and Computing.- Epilogue.- References.- Index. Endorsements through: Ruud Bolle (IBM), John Daugman (Cambridge college, UK), David Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic college, China), Stan Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Tom Huang (University of Illinois, united states)

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The difference in human features must be reckoned great, inasmuch as they enable us to distinguish a single known face among those of thousands of strangers, though they are mostly too minute for measurement. At the same time, they are exceedingly numerous. The general expression of a face is the sum of a multitude of small details, which are viewed in such rapid succession that we seem to perceive them all at a single glance. If anyone of them disagrees with the recollected traits of a known face, the eye is quick at observing it, and it dwells upon the difference.

38 Modeling and Prediction The solution found by minimizing IIAw - cl1 2 is w = (AT A)-I AT C = A +c with A + the pseudo-inverse of A (see Sect. 7). The singularity condition, due to correlated data, is addressed for m data points through regularization (see Sect. 7) Bayes' decision rule takes into account the relative harm due to different misclassification errors using losses Ikj incurred when pattern X is assigned to class k when in reality it belongs to class j. , h2 = 121 . The goal of inference is to approximate functional dependencies that are defined by a small number of parameters and limited by a Gaussian stochastic component (under the Central Limit Theorem) (Vapnik, 1998).

Most people want to be inclusive rather than exclusive. The hope is to become almost invisible or hard to recognize and to evade the perceived misfortunes associated with being a minority. An average face or change of identity are sought in order to make authentication by the others more difficult. In addition, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, for narcissistic reasons and/or or socio-economic gains, aims to undo the ravages of times and to restore a youthful resemblance. Time related changes and cosmetic surgery make face authentication harder (Gates, 2004).

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