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By Bent Sørensen (Auth.)

Content material:
Preface to 3rd edition

, Page v
Preface to moment edition

, Pages vi-vii
Preface to first edition

, Pages viii-ix
Units & conversion factors

, Pages xvii-xviii
Chapter 1 - Perspectives

, Pages 1-28
Chapter 2 - The beginning of Renewable power Flows

, Pages 29-209
Chapter three - the person strength Sources

, Pages 210-317
Chapter four - The power Conversion Processes

, Pages 318-522
Chapter five - strength Transmission and Storage

, Pages 523-590
Chapter 6 - strength provide Systems

, Pages 591-730
Chapter 7 - Socio-Economic review of power provide Systems

, Pages 731-869
Chapter eight - Winding Up

, Pages 870-876

, Pages 877-915
Subject index

, Pages 916-928

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Also the reflection of sunlight may take place at a depth below the physical surface. 26. Penetration depth of monochromatic radiation through water as a function of wavelength of radiation (indicated on curves, in 10"^ m). The curves should only be considered rough indications of the behaviour (based on Sellers, 1965). 3 PHYSICAL A N D CHEMICAL PROCESSES 55 CHAPTER 2 The penetration into soil, vegetation, sand and roads or building surfaces is usually limited to at most 1 or 2 mm. 5 x 10'^ m. For pure water the shorter wavelengths are transmitted more readily than the longer ones.

G. destruction of the stratospheric ozone shield), in addition to the difficulty presented to human survival as the dominant species on our planet. It has been suggested that fusion energy constitutes an alternative to renewable energy as the long-term solution. 3 THE ENERGY FUTURE 25 CHAPTER 1 come a feasible and practical source of controlled energy supply. It will create nuclear waste in amounts similar to those of fission technologies and will counteract the development towards decentralised technologies characterising the present trend.

3) where EQ^ /So- on average equals -CFTQ^ (recall that fluxes away from the Earth are taken as negative) and EQ on average (over the year and the geographical position) equals zero. 9. Latitude dependence (averaged over longitudes and over the year) of incident ( EQ^ ) and outgoing long-wavelength (-EQI) radiation at the top of the atmosphere, the amount of radiation absorbed (AQ) and reflected (RQ) by the Earth-atmosphere system, and the net radiation flux EQ at the top of the atmosphere, in W m'^ (based on Sellers, 1965; Budyko, 1974).

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