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By Magali Houde, Paul F. Hoekstra (auth.), George W. Ware, Lilia A. Albert, D.G. Crosby, Pim de Voogt, O. Hutzinger, James B. Knaak, Foster L. Mayer, D.P. Morgan, Douglas L. Park, Ronald S. Tjeerdema, David M. Whitacre, Raymond S.H. Yang, Francis A. Gunther

Reviews of Environmental infection and Toxicology makes an attempt to supply concise, severe experiences of well timed advances, philosophy, and important components of finished or wanted exercise within the overall box of xenobiotics, in any phase of our surroundings, in addition to toxicological implications.

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W. respectively (Muir 1999b). Law et al. (2003a) have reported data on PBDEs in cetaceans and other marine mammals. w. ). Interestingly, the concentration of PBDEs found in a harbour porpoise fetus corresponded to 60% of the level found in its mother, suggesting possible transplacental transfer of these compounds (Law et al. 2002). Based on the high ΣPBDE concentrations 32 M. F. R. G. Muir found in immature male and female pilot whales compared to adults, Lindstro¨m et al. (1999) also suggested a lactational transfer of PBDEs from mother to offspring.

Beaufort Sea, AK E. Chukchi Sea St. Lawrence estuary Cook Inlet, AK Arctic Cook Inlet, AK Alaska Newfoundland St. Lawrence estuary St. Lawrence estuary Species and Location Table 5. (Continued). Contaminants in Cetaceans 25 1 Delphinus delphis Italy Globicephala melas Italy Phocoena phocoena S. North Sea Lagenorhyncus albirostris S. North Sea 48 43 7 7 2 1 1f Species and Location Lagenorhyncus acutus S. 02 PFHxSd Reference van de Vijver et al. 2003 van de Vijver et al. 2003 van de Vijver et al.

Acutus (v) L. albirost. (w) P. crassid. (x) T. truncatus (y) Concentration µg g-1 lipid weight 800 Asia S. Europe N. Europe S. America N. America Fig. 1. Mean concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (ΣPCBs) and dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane (ΣDDTs) [µg g−1 lipid weight] in blubber of stranded male delphinoids according to spatial locations. (a) Prudente et al. 1997; (b) Minh et al. 2000; (c) Tanabe et al. 1987b; (d) Kannan et al. 1989; (e) Minh et al. 1999; (f) Borrell et al. 2001; (g) Corsolini et al.

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