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By Homa Katouzian

One in every of maximum Persian writers of either classical prose and poetry, Sa'di was once respected in his time as a guy of significant knowledge and keenness. full of extracts of the poet's melodious and insightful writing, and significant research thereof, this revealing biography examines why he was once so idolized until eventually the Nineteen Fifties, and why given that then he has fallen into relative obscurity.

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It is a mono-rhyme poem of between five and fifteen couplets which come in various meters and rhymes in the form of AA, BA, CA, and so on. Sa‘di is a master of ghazal and together with Hafiz and Rumi they make up the three greatest ghazal writers of Persian poetry. His style is completely original and made an impact on the writings of Hafiz, although the latter’s ghazals are also unique and original. We shall discuss Sa‘di’s ghazals in chapter 3. The qasidehs Qasideh is a long poem, usually more than sixteen couplets and often much longer.

In their hands, Persian ghazal reaches its summit. Rumi’s works are often passionate in tone and musical in meter, confirming reports that many of them were written down by disciples while the poet uttered the words as he was whirling round a column. Sa‘di’s are almost perfect in form and technique – being the first group of ghazals written at this high level – and are about joys of love, ecstasy of being in union with the beloved, and sadness of separation. The use and application of figures of speech or literary devices are so masterly that the poems contain words and meaning at their loftiest and most artistic level.

Indd 27 30/05/2006 13:16:43 28 SA‘DI cal book dealing with ideals, even though it discusses issues arising from real human life and conduct. Hence the oft-repeated view that while it is to some extent true of Golestan that Sa‘di’s works display “practical wisdom,” it does not apply to Bustan. There are just a few pages (in chapter five) in which the poet attempts but does not succeed to present reasonable epic poetry. It begins convincingly enough when he says that someone had said he was an excellent poet but only as regarded moral subjects, not the epic, “which has been perfected by others” (presumably meaning Ferdowsi).

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